KATANA 18V Charge-All Hedge Trimmer

Part: 220220

The Katana 18V Hedge Trimmer is the ultimate tool for creating and maintaining perfectly manicured hedges. With laser cut dual action blades measuring 560mm in length and a 19mm max cutting capacity, tame even the thickest hedge. Its light weight and compact design allow it to be safely and easily used at ground level or at height. With safety in mind the trimmer features an integrated safety shield, automatic motor brake and a 2-action safety trigger which means that the trimmer will not operate unless both of your hands are in the correct position. As soon as one hand is removed the blades stop instantly.

› No Load Speed 1,050rpm
› Blade Length 560mm
› Saw Frequency 2,100spm
› Safety Brake Time < 1sec
› Dual Blade Action
› 19mm Cutting Capacity

Note that this product is a skin and does not include a battery or a charger.

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KATANA 18V Charge-All  Hedge TrimmerKATANA 18V Charge-All  Hedge Trimmer