Mulchers - Maschio

Residue mulching is a very important as it enhances subsequent decomposition processes, helping residues break down into organic matter. The Maschio Mulchers range, cater to the small and large scale needs of farms and farmers and is a winning solution for dealing with grass, brush, crop residue and prunings.

Every MASCHIO GASPARDO machine - from the lightest, compact models to the heavy-duty high-performance workhorses - is the product of the experience gained over the years. Reliability and high quality are the result of continuous innovation and ongoing research.



  • General Purpose Mulcher
  • 140 Model - 80Hp Gearbox
  • 180-200 Models - 100Hp Gearbox
  • Hydraulic Side Shift on 180 & 200 Models
  • Counter Blades for Fine Chop
  • Gearbox PTO 540rpm with Free Wheel
TERMINATOR 140-180 Specifications
Model Working Width Headstock Min/Max HP
MG Terminator 140 1.38m Fixed 35-80
MG Terminator 180 1.72m Hyd Shift 55-100
MG Terminator 200 1.92m Hyd Shift 65-100


  • The TIGRE model is a multi-purpose shredder that can be used for various purposes, such as rows of crops, grassy terrain and cornstalks
  • Double sheet frame combined with notched double counter blades for ultimate performance
  • Gearbox PTO 540rpm with free wheel
  • Universal 3 Point Hitch, Cat II, offset
  • Transmission belts external adjustment
  • Roller Unit
TIGRE 210-300 Specifications
Model Working Width Min/Max HP
MG Tigre 210 2.1m 55-140
MG Tigre 230 2.26m 60-140
MG Tigre 250 2.57m 65-140
MG Tigre 300 2.98m 90-140


  • Fixed or offset straw chopper for woody material up to 6 cm in diameter, ideal for the management of demanding crop residues
  • Double skin body combined with double counter knife for ultimate performance
  • Moveable headstock
  • Standard with flails and rear steering wheels


CHIARA 180S-250S Specifications
Model Working Width Min/Max HP
MG Chiara 180S 1.85m 50-90
MG Chiara 200S 2.05m 55-90
MG Chiara 250S 2.55m 65-90